Sunday, December 16, 2012

advent calendar: the result

A couple of weeks ago we did an advent calendar inspiration round up. You can find it here.

These were my goals for the advent calendar:

               One unwrapped box for each day; inside each you find:
                          an activity (printed on the inside of the box)
                          a small treat (Maybe a peanut M&M?)
                          a figure for the nativity scene.

    What I actually did:

One unwrapped box for each day, arranged in a random (but horizontally and vertically straight) manner.

I used boxes that I had on hand (free from my Mother-in-law! Thank you!) A 1/4 inch MDF board cut to size by the friendly guys at Home Depot. Paper left over from our wedding invitations, and green paint left over from another project.

Inside each box you will find: 3 peanut butter M&Ms (one for each person in the family) and a figure for the nativity scene. I am going to save the activities for next year when the boy has a better understanding of things.

I went with the Playmobil Nativity. I loved Playmobil as a little girl, but we did not have many of them. They still seem like fancy toys to me because they sold them at Grand Rabbit's the fancy toy store near my childhood home in Louisville, CO. I loved to go there and drool over the toys.

We are a little late beginning the advent count down, so we are opening 2-3 boxes each day to try to catch up. It took about half a day to condition the boy to salivate when you say the word "box." Apparently an advent calendar with an M&M in it is a veritable Pavlov's bell.

Since the boy is still pretty young and the pieces are rather small we play with the nativity scene together. In between it is stored on the mantle. This may be partly because I don't want to loose pieces to the nativity scene, well, actually that is the whole reason.

Hung up on the wall. 

Feeding the donkey.

I did not hang it up high enough. Well, live and learn!

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  1. Christina- This is terrific! I didn't know Playmobil had a nativity set. I have an advent calendar already, but I may have to copy your playmobil set!