Friday, March 23, 2012

Vintage Thread Spools

Antiquing would be really fun if I had some serious funds available.  At this point though, I mostly window shop.  Every once in awhile I do find something inexpensive and fun to buy at an antique shop.  Like these wooden thread spools.

My grandma recently gave me a whole bunch more that she didn't want any more (Score!).  Hers actually had thread on them still.  To display them I have filled several jars with the threaded spools and I also use the jars for fabric weights.

I'm keeping my eyes out for more ideas on how to display or use these great spools!

And on another note...

If you've read our blog at all you're probably, "Really you took two months off?  Where have you been?"  I could go on an on about what Christina and I have been doing during this time.  However, instead of boring you with the details *although we're pretty exciting :) I'll just say that we learned a lot during our month of blogging and our time off, and we're now ready to move forward with more blogging!  

I am so excited for Birchwood & Almond this year!  We have been experimenting with different crafting techniques and materials, and can't wait to share that with you!


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  1. Hi ladies! So happy to see your new post! I always check for them as I make my blog rounds. I can't imagine what you were busy doing, like chasing busy boys around. Keep 'em coming!