Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Here's How Much I Love You!

I am blessed with amazing friends and family.  Creating things for them gives me time to think of what they mean to me and how I am thankful for them.  When I create something I think about the reaction they will have when they receive it, will what they have received communicate to them how much I love them.  That I am thinking about them and care for them?

Its a wonderful aspiration... but...

A little friend of mine was about two years old, and I wanted to create something that he would enjoy and would make him think of me.  I decided on a Monkey Bag in the Amy Butler book "Little Stitches for Little One's".

 I couldn't believe how cute it was!  And it was useful, could hold laundry or toys.  Unfortunately about halfway through I realized, the boy HATES monkeys!  I had definitely witnessed him acting truly terrified of them, yet here I was, making a monkey bag to hang in his room!  Hey kid, want some nightmares :)

But I pressed on...I was sure that because this monkey was soooo cute he would get over his monkey fear and would rip off the velcroed on monkey head and tote it all around.  

It was finally time to present the gift.  I was pretty sure that if I presented it in the right mood and with an attitude of fun it would be happily received.  What I hadn't planned on was my husband :)

The monkey bag had been opened and the recipient looked curious but so far unafraid.  My husband however, never missing the chance to have a little fun, ripped off the head of the money, screamed in mock horror and tossed it at the poor kid.

The monkey bag never stood a chance...



  1. Hmmmm...this situation sounds oddly familiar. Did Jon not learn from the infamous barbie doll incident? Gracee still acts a little scared of him. Lol.

  2. Haaa! I can totally picture this happening!