Thursday, June 21, 2012

Beautiful Things

Hiking with my family doesn't happen often enough.  This last weekend we drove out of town and went exploring a new area.  The hike was challenging although it was only 1 and 1/2 miles up to the top.  We are out of  However, the area we hiked was so stunningly gorgeous it felt more than worth it. 

As you know by now this is a craft blog, and lately I've been really struck with the question, why do I do this?  Why am I compelled to create things?  There are quite a few reasons I can come up with, and I don't want to scare anyone off by sounding a little philosophical here, but I truly believe that the joy I get from creating is a gift from my creator.

The one who created this  

And this

 And this

I am thankful for the gift of creating and even more thankful for the beautiful things in my life that put my creations to shame.  And I am most thankful for the beautiful thing that is being made of my life when what is often in my heart is so, not, beautiful.  

This song has been running through my head today and you will not be sorry if you listen to it :)


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