Tuesday, July 10, 2012

flowers in her hair

The biggest problem with crafting in the evening hours while the babe sleeps is that you tend to finish projects when there is little natural daylight to be had. That is my sad excuse for the two month delay in taking these photos. All excuses aside, flowers are always lovely in your hair, both when the sun is high in the sky and when the twinkles in your eyes are only lit by the glow of a campfire.

This particular project is perfect for when you need a quick accessory or a speedy outlet for your creative juices.

Materials needed:

hot glue gun
spare glue sticks
alligator two-prong metal hair clips
felt or 1 cm ribbon
cardboard cereal box
silk flowers or other decorations

1: Place the hair clips around the cardboard to protect the bottom from the hot glue.

2: Trim a piece of felt (or ribbon) to the width of the hair clip and glue it to the top of the hair clip. Start with the end of the clip (where you grip it) wrapping the felt around the edge.

3. Trim the excess felt off.

4. Arrange your decorations, being sure to angle the flower so that it will point the right direction when it is in your hair.

5. Glue your decorations to the felt-covered side of the hair clip.

6. Let cool, peel the cardboard off, and add to your hair.

Between all the laundry, fabric store drooling, grocery shopping, and Pinterest pinning that we spend our time doing, sometimes we need to stop planning a future project and just do something today. If you find yourself in that boat, let this be your project!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Christina! I love that clip! I wore the one I made with you just today.