Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beginnings are difficult…which is why I waited so long to write my first blog post. I am finally jumping in! The first project I am excited to share about is a Cozy Car Caddy.   I like the idea of creating toys that are easy when you are out and about. Using a great tutorial that I found here on homemadebyjill, (one of our favorite blogs!), I made this car caddy with few creative touches of my own.

 I found a super cute felt truck created by Allisa Jacobs at Quiltish. Although Allisa designed the truck as an ornament, I thought it would work great as a decoration on the front of the car caddy. I eyeballed her design, then cut and sewed the felt together to create this

As soon as my son is old enough I will whip one up for him, with a few changes of course!  I like the challenge of improving something and learning something new.  A new sewing technique or working with new material.  Some would call it perfectionism...is that a crime?!  But we'll save that conversation for another day :)

And for a little clarification before I leave you.  As some of you may have figured out, Christina is VERY modest about her own abilities, talents, and good qualities.  She is a dear friend and anyone that has ever seen or received one of her projects knows how talented she is!  Humble, incredibly sweet, and one of the most entertaining writers I have ever known, I look forward to sharing this blog with her and reading what are bound to be very funny and inspiring posts. 


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