Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gift Idea: Cupcake Kit

I love giving gifts!  Isn't it funny then that I still haven't given Christina her birthday/Christmas presents?  The explanation of course is my own personal blend of procrastination and perfectionism!  I said that I would bring up the subject of perfectionism again - but, back to gift-giving...

My favorite gifts to give or receive are unexpected.  That is why I am not a big fan of Christmas lists.  Don't get me wrong, I do like getting what I ask for, but there is something extra special about a surprise.  Whether small or big, hand-made or store-bought my favorite gifts have always been surprises.

I recently attended a friends' bridal shower.  Combined with something on her registry, I hoped this Cupcake Kit that I put together was a fun surprise.

I got the idea from a great blog the Giver's Log.  To put my kit together I bought a silver tin from a craft store along with The Cupcake Deck which fit great alongside a bunch of different cupcake paper liners.  I also included some edible cake sparkles and fun cupcake tattoos.  To dress up the silver tin I cut out some craft paper and used double-sided tape to adhere it to the lid.  This could work well for a birthday, Christmas, hostess gift, or just for fun!

Here are some ideas when putting yours together:
  • Silver Tin, Small Vintage Suitcase, Large new Take-out Container
  • Small Cupcake Recipe Book, Handwritten Cupcake Recipes on Cute Cards (of course!)
  • Cupcake Liners (unwrapped and stacked is fun!)
  • Sprinkles, Edible Glitter
  • Cupcake toppers
  • Any great ideas out there???
Please let us know if you have any other great ideas for gift kits!  Happy Gifting!

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